Implemented in 2017 and continue in 2019.

The Ostrava – City of Responsible Schools project was successfully implemented in 2017 and continues in 2019. The project seeks to respond to real and natural demand from primary and secondary schools for the implementation of activities aimed at minimizing the risks of Internet and communication technologies whose use and pitfalls are still on the rise. The core activities focus on four basic target groups – pupils, teachers, parents and seniors, who are one of the vulnerable groups of users of modern technology due to their untrained use of modern technologies and easy manipulation. The aim of this project is to offer activities to all target groups free of charge, especially adolescents, due to the common practice in schools, which unfortunately often leads to prevention training being paid by the pupils themselves (30-50 CZK / pupil), which has two basic negative impacts. 

Pupils from socially disadvantaged families do not pay the fee to a large extent and are exempt from class, which usually makes them ridiculed, but above all they are not able to participate in the training as one of the groups at risk. The second is the impossibility to acquire the necessary competences and resistance to risk phenomena. We believe that such trainings often make the situation in class teams more likely to worsen and deepen the social gap, given the position of weak individuals. For this reason, we want to organize training not only for pupils directly in schools, but also in organizations working with youth, leisure centers, orphanages, educational care centers, clubrooms or camps (training can also be conducted during holidays when schools closed). Schools involved, that carry out activities for pupils and teachers, or parents, will receive the Responsible School award, which can be improved on the front door and on the school website. In this way, the organization will have a hallmark of parents and the public that is concerned with the prevention of risk phenomena. In order to include the newly formed endangered group of seniors, the project will also provide training to acquire basic competencies in the movement in the virtual world and its pitfalls reflecting the needs of seniors. The aim of the training is not the quantity but the quality and efficiency of the activities offered. Within the project we implement FREE OF CHARGE: 1) certified primary prevention program Internet surfing license 2) accredited MEYS training for teachers in the form of “staff room”

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