About Us


We are a small team with four full-time employees and ten professional freelancers. Permanent employees are specialists graduating from the EU, its structure, and grants from other European funds. We are experts with knowledge, experience and good results especially in education.


All the employees are part of the solid team that gives emphasis on cooperation. We combine the flexibility, accuracy and reliability in our day to day.

Lukáš Látal

Methodologist trainer

Trainner of Don’t be a victim! He gained experience from the non-profit space as a lecturer of environmental programs and organizer of community beneficial events. He worked as a teacher of Czech Language and is tutor of pathological and prevention programs for elementary school pupils, teachers and parents in the risks of the internet and communication technologies association.

Author of texts of the educational program risks of internet and communications technologies of wich ongoing implementations

Martin Pokorný


President of Don’t be a victim! Has been working as a professional Project Manager since 2004. He was an investigator and co-investigatior of 3 large educational programmes.

Since 2009, he has been a chairman of don’t be a victim! he voluntarily helps through preventive activities to parents and children not to become victims of new communication tools.