The aim of the certified program of school general primary prevention Internet surfing driving license is to acquaint participants in an accessible form with the basic risks of internet and communication technologies (cyberbullying, sexting, cybergrooming, social networks).

The target group is determined by age into the category:

  • Older school age (12 – 15 years)
  • Youth ( 15 – 18 years)

The entire program the internet surfing driving license consists of two key lessons and three additionals lessons according to the school’s needs.

  • Cyberbulling and Sexting
  • Social Networks and Cybergrooming
  • Additionals lessons according to the needs of particular class(one-hour)

The aim of Don’t be a victim! is to make programs for students free of charge, thanks to the projects obtained from various grant providers (MEYS, MH, MSK, etc) If the program is not covered by the project, the school will provide a fee of 40 CZK per pupil, the provider will issue a receipt in accordance with the aplicable regulations.


The main idea of our courses aimed at teachers is to train them to solve the cyberbullying cases both among pupils and between pupil and teacher and subsequent solution with parents. We have been conducting Internet and communication technology risks since 2010 on the basis of valid acreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth ans Sports.(Ref. No .: 25 649 / 2010-25-622)

The training is most often paid from the projects of the association.


Parents are a natural link between the child and school and play an important role in correcting the child’s virtual life and role model in the use of modern technology. Thanks to the lectures, they will become acquainted with new risks of communication technologies, but especially with methods of prevention and work with endangered children. Although we consider parents to be a key partner in effectively combating the risks of the Internet, they still fail to address them effectively in public lectures;

The training is most often paid from the projects of the association.